[CQ-Contest] Synthesizer Opinions....

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Wed Jan 26 09:27:32 EST 2005

> The rep did elude to something that if the natural voice-fonts were 
> used for only two-way communication between two individuals, then "personal 
> use" might apply.  However, any "CQ" or even holding one's "run frequency" 
> by just repeating your callsign (with or without "Test") could be 
> construed as "soliciting", which then equals "Broadcasting" in AT&T's mindset.  Pooh 
> pooh.

This would not apply to amateurs at all.  By FCC Rule and definition, legal amateur radio communications is not broadcasting.

To prove that an amateur was "broadcasting" it would need to be proved that the amateur was breaking FCC rules which prohibit broadcasting.

AT&T's "mindset" does not matter.  The FCC rule would take precedence.

I would not want to be the defendant in a case they might bring because of the costs although I am certain that it would be dismissed based on the above.

Bob N5NJ

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