[CQ-Contest] New Contest Great Lakes Sweepstakes

Sean D.Fleming (K8KHZ) sean at k8khz.com
Fri Jan 28 00:58:34 EST 2005

 I am the contest chairman for  a new contest the Great Lakes Sweepstakes. 
this contest is replacing 
the Great Lakes QSO Party. The contest is just for fun. We want to  promote
the great lakes area. 
We would like expeditions to Great Lakes Lighthouses and Great Lakes USI's.
The MDXA along with
W8TTS of the ARHLS has an award for working Great Lakes Light Houses. 
please go to the web site and check over the rules and dates. I would like
feedback from everyone.
Is this something you might get into. What is the best date. I know the
weekends are very full. We are taking everyone's comments and seeing how 
we can have a great start here. The MDXA is not a contest club but a DX club
we like to have a nice event.   please comment on our contest. please send
ideas and also some well thought opinions. here is the web site 
http://mdxa1.org/GLSWEEPS.html  you can reply to me at k8khz at yahoo.com 
Thank you.

Sean K8KHZ

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