[CQ-Contest] Creating Bootable DOS CD's under Windows XP - without DOS

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Sat Jan 29 19:08:01 EST 2005

Good day, all:

My procedure for creating a bootable DOS CD requires only a computer
with Windows XP loaded.  The procedure does not require any other
operating systems.  The resulting CD can be booted on most computers
manufactured in the last five years.

You can install DOS on the CD from Windows, and then boot the CD
and run DOS without affecting the hard disk AT ALL, in any way.
The FreeDOS folks have a nice procedure for creating bootable
FreeDOS CD's that runs under DOS if you want to try that 

I believe that on many computers, you can store your log files
on a USB stick, and actually run CT or TR from the CD and USB
stick without needing any other operating systems at all.  I will
be experimenting with that over the next several days.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  If you want the
procedure for creating bootable DOS CD's, let me know.

Thanks and 73.

Mark, KD4D

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