[CQ-Contest] Re: QSL Manager

Art Boyars art.boyars at verizon.net
Sun Jan 30 17:01:47 EST 2005

N7OR complained about getting QSL requests for a DX station.  SM2EKM provided the info: QSL Manager is N7RO.

I sense an opportunity here.  Since DXers don't have to copy the DX's call (packet, list managers) or report ("5NN") or ANYTHING, maybe getting the QSL Manager's call correct could be the criterion for a valid contact.

Naa!  That would mean you'd have to copy what somebody actually sent.  Next thing, you'll have to find the DX yourself.  Geez, that's no fun!

(See also my comment elswhere about how surprised I was when CT started filling in the name for stations I had already worked on another band.)

73, Y'r Humble Curmudgeon,

Art K3KU

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