[CQ-Contest] 2005 Dayton Contest Dinner, Super Suite and Forum Wrap Up

Morel 4X1AD 4x1ad at iarc.org
Wed Jun 8 08:15:58 EDT 2005

No doubts that the forums were interesting and Crowne Plaza a better place
but this split affected the visiting schedule of most of the Hamvention
participants. I feel that the fair solution is the improvement of the forum
rooms at Hara Arena instead driving to Dayton Downtown. Sorry to say that,
but this was the reason I enjoyed the Hamvention less than in 2004. 


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I thought the Crowne Plaza venue excellent for the Antenna and Contest 

And my personal thanks to Doug K1DonkeyGrabber and Tim K3LR for chairing the

forums.  Outstanding jobs, both.

Vy 73

Jim Neiger  N6TJ


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