[CQ-Contest] More-on WOODPECKER

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Tue Jun 21 14:28:03 EDT 2005

N7MAL added:

>I am fairly active on 40m. If there were a reporting system somewhere this 
>is the report I would provide for this morning(I did spot it on the cluster):
>  At 1230Z the Woodpecker was really going strong. The freq starts at 
> roughly 6980 and goes up beyond 7025. The center, if you can call it 
> that, seems to be between 7005/7006. Interestingly underneath the racket 
> I can hear JA's calling CQ. The signal strength, of the racket, is well 
> over S-9 and the JA's seem to have their normal signals. Either they are 
> not hearing it, as strongly as I am, or they are ignoring it.

This, along with W5VX's report & others from W6, W7 & VE7 suggest
we are hearing different things.  What we hear out here starts close
to the band edge & peters out around 7070, or sometimes 7030-7100 kc.
Once it was as wide as 6990-7110 or so.

If someone could make a quick recording of what is being heard over
there & send it to me, it would be appreciated.

As for reporting, cluster spots at this stage might be best as they
are likely to be seen by others who might be able to help.  More
specific reports from USA should be sent to ARRL (they must have
IARU Monitoring Service interface somewhere).  Good data points
on Asian stuff I know would be welcome at <intruders at wia.org.au>.

The 40m Woodpecker(s) look to be a serious threat to the
radiosporting & DXing communities in particular, as we're going to
have a hard time hearing each other through these things. |^(

73, VR2BrettGraham

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