[CQ-Contest] AA log submission

Wed Jun 29 20:34:55 EDT 2005

I think it's easier for me to respond to my original posting. I have 
received many replies and hopefully one answer answers all. First yes it is 
the JARL's contest and they are free to set any and all requirements they 
like. I don't think it is fair, however, to make the reporting, of an 
international contest,  centered around some perverted form of HTML. I don't 
think any contest programmer should ever be required to make his software 

All of that being said if you know the trick submitting a log to JARL is 
really easy. I have yet to find anywhere on the AA contest page the magic 
link. JARL has a robot which is easy to use and is located at:
If you use CT you need to have easily available your summary sheet and your 
.ALL files. You will need to extract info from your summary sheet and 
actually paste the entire .ALL file.
Unfortunately on the AA contest reporting instruction page:
there is no reference to the robot page.
To those who said the reject email says the log will be manually checked, if 
you believe that I have a bridge for sale. I can tell you from personal 
experience those manually checked logs end up somewhere where no man has 
gone before.
Thanks to all who sent me the link to the robot.

Here is my response from the robot:
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* Your mail has been accepted successfully by our automatic responding
program. *

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This complaint has been made many times over the years, many times, and
seems to fall on deaf ears in Japan. I would like to submit my AA log, not
because I'm going to win anything, but because it's the right thing to do.
I've tried submitting my log 2 different ways:
1. With the log and summary sheet attached as a file attachment.
2. Copy and Paste the log and summary sheet and send it as a text message.
Either way I get an email which I have inserted at the end. I use CT as my
logging program. If anyone has emailed their logs without receiving the
error message please tell me how. I really enjoy participating in the AACW
but it's getting a little old having my logs fall into some deep dark hole.
Thanks in advance...73

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of your submission does not meet our recommendation. Please check our
format again on the following url;
If you have any questions about this mail, please send an E-mail to
contest at jarl.or.jp with above mentioned reception number.

c.c. JARL

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