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Fri Mar 11 08:46:50 EST 2005

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steve.root at culligan4water.com writes:

>>My wife thinks we're all crazy.  I don't think I want a professional opinion
that might agree with her!<<

I started to wonder about that myself, when one time, in the M/M operation I 
woke up to "CQ Contest..."  coming from all corners of the house. I thought to 
myself: "Are we nuts?" Then when I sat down to run the pileup, I said: 
"Naaah, this is LIFE"

We are not alone. What's the difference from those running around in circles, 
swimming back and forth, NASCARing...? Only different "department"

If not contesting, I would be a "dead Ham" long time ago. What else is there? 
Done DXCC 3 times, designed, built radios, modified commercial junk, built 
super antennas, got eggs in the windows for wiping out TV reception, done some 
VHFing, QRPeeing (enough). 

Each next contest is the whole new ballgame with huge propagation variable 
and our skills to build better station, bigger mother antennas and work all 
those stations that others can't even hear. Each contest is the challenge on its 
own, with possibility of beating that "unbeatable" record, that would stay 
there for a while.

All time record tables are the ultimate goal, so do not dilute them with 
zillion categories, like half element, QRP, packet crutch assisted....

Are we crazy? Naaah, just nuts about radio and its mysteries.

Yuri, da radio BUm

As far as staying awake, get on Dr. Atkins diet, stay away from 
carbohydrates, THEY make you sleeeeepy!!

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