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Peter Grillo ah3c at frii.com
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Although I never visited Foul Weather Bluff, I will always remember the
twinkle in Rush's eyes when he described it at one of the DX convention

RIP Rush,
W0RTT, Ex-W6RTT, etc.

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I am very saddened to report that Contest Hall of Fame member Rush Drake,
W7RM, passed away peacefully this afternoon at 3 PM, with his son Bruce at
his side.

I am sure many tributes will follow, but as one who knew Rush very well
during his glory years at Foul Weather Bluff, I must say that it was an
honor to have grown up in contesting at the helm of his station, and at his
side on many a tower. He put together a potent antenna farm at one of the
premier locations in North America, and re-shaped contesting in the USA for
many years. Big Yagis up high and four-vertical arrays on Puget Sound. .
.what an effort! The first-place finishes his station made in DX contests
were among the last ever recorded from the West Coast, and may turn out to
be the last ever.

Thanks, Rush, for many a good time. . .lots of cheers and tears, and above
all plenty of Dozos on 15 meters!

73 W7RM de Chip Margelli, K7JA, ex K7VPF
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