[CQ-Contest] WW SSB (40M)

LA5HE Ragnar Otterstad la5he at otterstad.dk
Tue Nov 1 17:14:29 EST 2005

>" The big news for radio amateurs is that there will be a dramatic
>improvement in the 40-meter band! After weeks of debate and efforts
>to resolve great differences between numerous proposals, including
>strong positions for no change, the conference agreed to shift
>broadcasting stations in Regions 1 and 3 out of the 7100-7200 kHz
>band and to reallocate the band to the amateur service in those two
>regions. The allocation in Region 2 of 7000-7300 kHz remains
>exclusively amateur. The broadcasting band in Regions 1 and 3 will
>become 7200-7450 kHz and in Region 2, 7300-7400 kHz. The change will
>take effect on 29 March 2009, less than six years from now -- a
>relatively short time by ITU standards.

It has happened in several Region1 countries already.

Some of the bad guys listening in the 40m CW band got me in the log ONLY
because they also listened on their own frequency !


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