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> I remember hearing a ZS4 station working everyone except the U.S. on 
> 21.198 or so.  Later he did move above 21.200.  Maybe he wanted to 
> practice working a pile up before the sharks could attack.

DX station need to get out of the US bands to be able to 
focus on the more multiplier-dense Europe without the 
additional "noise" of the loud USA stations. USA for rate;
everywhere else for multipliers. 

> What gets me is how some of these U.S. stations keep yelling their last 
> two over and over, sometimes covering up the DX when he is coming back 
> to someone, then when the DX does come back, someone has to tell them 
> the DX is calling them. A TANGO TANGO comes to mind.

I know that during ARRL DX SSB, we just ignore those who
use "last two". It's FAR more inefficient to answer them
rather than someone calling with a full call. It almost
always requires an extra interaction, since they almost
never give their full call with the exchange (too excited,
I guess, or they assume you should know instinctively who
they are), and you need to ask them and turn it back to

Better to ignore them until they go away, unless they are
the only station calling. In that case, I select a made-up
prefix and add their "last two", and send the exchange.
They are usually certain to give their full call with the
exchange after that!


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