[CQ-Contest] WW SSB - the corruptive influence of packet

Shadow12TFS@wmconnect.com Shadow12TFS at wmconnect.com
Wed Nov 2 23:10:15 EST 2005

I too, as a low power operator hate the packet spots. Does me no good to be 
spotted, because I usually can't hold a freq to call CQ for long, and when I do 
a good job of finding that tough to get multiplier, within 3 calls he will be 
spotted and I lose my shot at working him. Half the time, the guy doesn't 
know how to run a such a huge pileup, gets frustrated and leaves........ never to 
return. Is shutting down the system the answer??? I don't know, but I think I 
would try something else before going to that drastic of a change.
Maybe we should get rid of the assisted catagory altogether. It's not like 
the old days when the majority of the players had no computer or web/packet 
access. These days, you would be hard pressed to find many shacks without some 
rudimentary way of accessing packet or the web. Maybe then there will be so many 
spots that it will not cause unmanagble pileups so often. 
There will be those that argue "What about the areas of the world where ops 
lack the ability to use the web as they choose"? What about them? There are 
many who can't afford a modern rig with all the DSP filters, or an amp to run. 
There will always be someone left out.
Anyway....... it's a thought.

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