[CQ-Contest] WW SSB on my mind

SGT Korey Chandler korey.chandler at us.army.mil
Thu Nov 3 00:43:46 EST 2005

The contest ops could have moved up 1kc and been polite. Too easy.

The Maritime Net is not a "check in and ragchew net". Sure, the net
control stations call for check-ins and keep the frequency "occupied". I
check into the net quite often when in the USA and have been on
frequency when a very weak station calls in with a dead engine on a ship
150 miles out in the Atlantic. I've also heard medical emergencies which
resulted in the Coast Guard coming on frequency with a doctor to give
advice on the situation.

Keeping 14.300 clear is the right and courteous thing to do. There are
ships out there with people whose lives may depend on it someday. 


Baghdad, Iraq

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> Same type of thing on the Maritime Mobile Net at 14.300.  There would
> EU DX stations calling CQ 2 kc above or below 14.300.  As soon as
> someone tried to answer them a Maritime Mobile Net freq Cop would get
> the freq and tell the answering station they were interfering with the
> net.  I heard people try to ignore them and the MM Freq Cop would just
> keep QRM'ing them so they couldn't hear if the DX station came back to
> them.  And what was going on with the MM Net?  They were begging for
> check-ins and exchanging signal reports trying to keep the freq busy,
> emergency traffic at all.
> py2ny wrote:
> >just like information
> >1) First time that I lost my way,
> >while trying to work at 20 m, and
> >suddenly at 20h00 Z, some guys
> >put me out of 14261 telling me
> >that the frequency was to your
> >exclusive use about a NET !!!!
> >Unbelievable... I told them that I
> >was using the frequency and them
> >answer: "No problem PY2NY, go
> >up or down, we will stay here"...
> >2) I am very happy, by other side,
> >because I heard one kid (7 or 8
> >years old maybe) calling me into
> >the big pileup. After calling him,
> >your father or uncle returns, and
> >I told that I would like to talk with
> >the kid hi hi hi ... And was so nice
> >to listen him again, using the call
> >and changing info correctly. I did
> >this way looking forward and waiting
> >for young hams coming into our
> >competition style of life hi hi hi...
> >-----------------------
> >Congrats to everybody and hope to
> >listen you all at WW CW Contest.
> >- vitor, py2ny -
> >
> >
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