[CQ-Contest] contest calendar for outlook

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Thu Nov 3 20:05:22 EST 2005

> Does anyone have a contest calendar that can be imported into outlook's

Hi, David.

I wrote a program in VB4 to import WA7BNM's text-formatted contest calendar
into Outlook a few years ago. 

Sadly, I wrote it between harddrive backups and a crash took it away.  I
never tried to re-write it.  I'll look around and see if it may have been
saved to diskette (there's still a pile of them around here) or see if the
code is on one of my other PC's or CD's.  

One of the big hurdles was parsing the times and dates to something Outlook
could use, not only converting Zulu time to local time, but also accounting
for daylight-savings time changes.  

I also included a means to select those contests I wanted excluded -- it
remembered them and the contests I had saved to Outlook from contest
calendar to contest calendar, so I didn't have to keep removing the same
contests over and over for every contest calendar update.  

I did have one big problem that I was never able to resolve in the month or
so I had the application:  I could not install the application written in
VB4 on a Win95 machine on other machines--Win98 and XP.  I still don't know
how to do an install shell, either, so that would have been another show
stopper.  Oh, for the days of early windows when you could move/load stuff
easily.  :-)

I think my goal at the time was to write it in VB4 and then transfer it to
VBA so it would be resident in Outlook as a macro.  Sadly, it never got that
far.  I don't even know if a macro like that would work on other

I'll dig around in some old diskettes and see if maybe I saved it somewhere
and forgot it.  

Or, maybe, this will inspire me to get off my dead-a.. and do something....

Like, write an app to put BNM's calendar into Outlook. 

Dale, kg5u

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