[CQ-Contest] WW SSB - the corruptive influence of packet

SGT Korey Chandler korey.chandler at us.army.mil
Fri Nov 4 01:01:56 EST 2005

What you are complaining about has nothing to do with packet spots. It
has more to do with a less than optimal station setup. If you want to
bust through a pileup then 1) Improve your antenna system, 2)Add an
amplifier 3)Change QTH for the contest or permanently.

Those who quit a frequency because they can't handle a pileup just
create more room for those who can. It astonishes me to hear someone
gripe about having the chance for an excellent rate. I attribute it to
lack of operating skill which can only be fixed by practice and

I scored just over 1-million points in last year's WPX SSB contest and
could always tell when I was spotted on packet. The stations came
pouring in and I got a rush working them until they dwindled. I'll take
120+ QSO's an hour any day.


Baghdad, Iraq

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> I too, as a low power operator hate the packet spots. Does me no good
> be
> spotted, because I usually can't hold a freq to call CQ for long, and
> I do
> a good job of finding that tough to get multiplier, within 3 calls he
> be
> spotted and I lose my shot at working him. Half the time, the guy
> know how to run a such a huge pileup, gets frustrated and
> never to
> return. Is shutting down the system the answer??? I don't know, but I
> think I
> would try something else before going to that drastic of a change.
> Maybe we should get rid of the assisted catagory altogether. It's not
> the old days when the majority of the players had no computer or
> web/packet
> access. These days, you would be hard pressed to find many shacks
> some
> rudimentary way of accessing packet or the web. Maybe then there will
> so many
> spots that it will not cause unmanagble pileups so often.
> There will be those that argue "What about the areas of the world
> ops
> lack the ability to use the web as they choose"? What about them?
> are
> many who can't afford a modern rig with all the DSP filters, or an amp
> run.
> There will always be someone left out.
> Anyway....... it's a thought.
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