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LA5HE Ragnar Otterstad la5he at otterstad.dk
Fri Nov 4 08:22:03 EST 2005


73  rag la5he

Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Fw: Fw: WW SSB on my mind

There is no law against being a jerk, but it's often better not to be.

The goodwill that can be gained from being courteous will go a lot
further than the point that can be made from being right. It's
unfortunate that someone who has been licensed so long can't see that.

Scott, N9AA

k7qq wrote:

>Quack Again
>The time as an amateur shud have been 40 Plus and Extra since 1970,    Gosh
>I thought that the Navy had a MARS operation that could handle that kind of
>Phone Patch activity.   I know that the Army and AF did.    and    AFA7UGA
>K7UGA  from Phoenix area handeled thousands of them during Vietnam action,
>I also handeled a few from Japan to the Big P.X.  during that time frame.
>YES  some was handeled via  14.300  BUT  10 X as many were on MARS
>14.000 to 14.350 are amateur frequencies as you all know and none    "NONE
>are reserved except in FCC declared Emergency.

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