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Sat Nov 5 08:53:17 EST 2005

--- "Michael J. Clarson" <mclarson at rcc.com> wrote:

> In VHF contests, if I am having trouble getting
> thru or getting a ststion's attention on SSB, I
> can just grab the key to complete the QSO. Contact
> is contact.--Mike, WV2ZOW

Great point, Mike!

I think that this is part of a good strategy for a
"Perfect Contest", actually.  A "Perfect Contest" is
about making QSO's with unique stations.

With each "layer" of restricting the modes by which
those QSO's may be made makes the contest less-perfect
(do NOT misunderstand this to mean that "less perfect"
means "worse").

VHF contests are quite close to "perfect" in several

1. Mode doesn't matter, making QSO's does.
2. Political boundry (country, section, Zone) doesn't
matter, geography (Grid Locator) does.

Where imperfection "heads it's ugly rear" is in the
role of categorization (as defined by one sponsor as
an example):

--- Low Power ---
144MHz @ 160-watts and 4x18el (ERP=16,000 watts)
10-GHz @ 5-watts and a 2' Dish (ERP=STOOOOOPID high)

--- High Power ---
144MHz @ 1500watts and a halo (ERP=1,500 watts)
10-GHz @ 10-watts and a feedhorn (ERP=YAWN)

Of course, IMO, :)
Ev Tupis, W2EV

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