[CQ-Contest] WW SSB - the corruptive influence of packet

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Sat Nov 5 09:28:54 EST 2005

--- VR2BrettGraham <vr2bg at harts.org.hk> wrote:
> Funny how "packet" & "Telnet" now seem mean
> something they do
> not.
> These are two ways to receive "assistance" through
> use of "spotting networks" of some sort.

This seems to be a common misunderstanding among HF
contesters (that VHFers don't seem to have).  There's
a strategy called "HamIM" that uses high-powered,
RF-based, simplex APRS (packet) to track Rovers in VHF
contests.  Even the ARRL got confused by the use of
the term "packet" and originally "banned" it's use
(there is no assisted category in VHF contesting)
until they stepped back and reassessed what it was. 
Now, it's "ARRL Approved". :)

Ev, W2EV

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