[CQ-Contest] Proposed Rule Change - CQWW PHONE

K1ZM@aol.com K1ZM at aol.com
Sun Nov 6 09:39:48 EST 2005

Right On Joe!
If anyone REALLY believes 7040-7100 for SSB activity out of Region 1 in  
contests is sufficient space to accomodate a CQWW DX contest on phone -  then they 
are missing a really GOOD GAME!
If one listens from 7100 down to 7040 (and below) - the ambient NOISE LEVEL  
is *****total chaos****** on the North American side when beaming Europe.
It is a complete bedlam zone of splatter, wide signals and only the most  
powerful stations with the biggest antennas can be copied clearly.
If one CQ's up above at say at 7185 in NA and listening down, the ONLY  place 
where lower power stations can be heard is SOMEPLACE ELSE other than  
7040-7100.  Full stop!
What's the solution?
Get more bandwidth on the Region 1 side so 7040-7100 might become SOMETHING  
LARGER - say like 7040-7150 or more.
Isn't that coming in 2009 or so?  If it is, then it will be most  welcome - 
as it is a better solution than artifically trying to control  BEHAVIOUR!
With all due respect, I think people simply gravitate to what WORKS!
7040-7100 is a total MESS - it hasn't worked well for over 15 years  now.
Why not fix the problem - rather than legislate behaviour?
One thing is a solution - the other is just, well, not really more than  
trying to catch the horse after he has already exited the BARN DOOR.
Why not push for a SOLUTION here - and try to make that work?
Let the flames begin!
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