[CQ-Contest] fwd: [Elecraft] ARRL November Sweepstakes CW

Pat Collins N8VW n8vw at linuxcolumbus.com
Mon Nov 7 07:17:48 EST 2005

I thought you all would find this amusing. :)

Pat N8VW

On Sun, 6 Nov 2005 22:38:29 -0800, "Ron D'Eau Claire"
<rondec at easystreet.com> wrote :

> Mark, KJ7BS wrote:
> I operate contests for fun, enjoyment, but mostly to improve my operating
> skills.  This ARRL November Sweepstakes CW was anything but enjoyable.  The
> poor operators were out in force this year.  Here is my top-10 list of poor
> operating exhibited during the 2005 ARRL November Sweepstakes CW... (list
> truncated)
> -----------------
> Yep, you proved that Hams are people like the rest of humanity. 
> If you want to hone your operating skills, try running some nice 1-hour rag
> chews, perhaps in a round table with several CW operators. If you want
> experience with more complex operating procedures, join some traffic nets. 
> Contesting is contesting. It's a unique procedure that requires some
> particular skills, but by and large they are only applicable to contesting
> and little else. It's like kids who learn to spin donuts in their cars. They
> might have fun. They could even elevate it to a "sport", but knowing how to
> do that does not mean they know how to drive <G>. 

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