[CQ-Contest] QRPers --- Please QRQ

Kyle Chavis wa4pgm at kinex.net
Tue Nov 8 07:42:40 EST 2005

That's the wrong way to look at it Hans, you certainly wouldn't want a
station to remove you after being told "R TU".  Contesting is about working
the strong and weak in the time allowed, it shouldn't be about telling
someone "R TU" and then giving them a "NIL" because of "your" frustration.
Giving someone a "LATER" is much better than a "NIL", it's going to be
challenging at times but that's what contesting is all about.
Kyle, WA4PGM

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While Danny may shoot me for saying it, it's great to see so many QRPers in

But it seems that many of them feel they need to send slooooooow and use
"words twice" procedure to get their message across.  Bad idea, guys.

Send your exchange AS RAPIDLY AS YOU CAN, and avoid the temptation to send
it twice "just to make sure I got it".

Honestly, in a contest with lots of band noise/competing
signals/fatigue/etc, you have a short window to get your message to me.
More often than not (especially with the long SS exchange) QSB or QRM is
going to take you out, and I'm going to need fills.  And even more-more
often than not, I won't be able to hear the fills, so I give up on you.

"Telling it like it is", the result is that your UBN shows "NIL" for that Q,
because after the second try you're going to get a quick "R TU" from me and
I'll do an <alt-W> and move on.

73, de Hans, K0HB
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