[CQ-Contest] CQing is only for big guns - NOT! (Was QRPers)

PY2NY - Vitor py2ny at arrl.net
Wed Nov 9 19:31:34 EST 2005

I did my job Low Power for long
time between 1993 and 2000. Used
CQ and had luck with 1000-1500
contacts easy. After that, did something
single Band 20m HP and LP, and
again CQ was nice to get a lot of
contacts and maintain pile-ups with
or without HP.
Best surprise? QRP 5 w output like
Single Band 20m ARRL DX SSB
contest. More than 500 QSOs and
good pile-ups using CQ !!!
Maybe, I had good conditions at
right time ...
Anyway, we can use CQ or
S&P any time and improve
scores combining ...
Best 73 to all - py2ny vitor
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> I agree with Kelly.  You can run with 100 watts and
> make a lot of QSOs.  You can do this in the NAQP
> contests which are low power events.
> By CQing, you are getting your call out there to
> attract people.  If they can hear you, they can work
> you.  Pick your space and move when you have to, but
> it can easily be done.
> Lee - K0WA
> Common sense is in short supply - get some and use it.
> If you can't find any common sense, ask for help from
> somebody that has some common sense. - Lee Buller
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