[CQ-Contest] Clearing a run frequency on 20M SSB with 5 watts

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Nov 10 13:19:02 EST 2005

All of this talk about CQing with 5 watts reminded me on one of my most
incredible contest experiences.  

It was one of the SCCC Field Days using the call N6NB/6 up on a mountain
top somewhere south of Thousand Oaks.  I think it was around 1980.  I 
wasn't there for the whole event, but arrived at midnight to opreate for
six hours.  They were running in the 5 watt battery category - with a 
monobander on a crank-up tower (pictures can be seen on Wayne's web site
at http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/woverbeck/fieldday.htm).

During this six hour period, I think I worked over 530 stations - all 
calling CQ.  I worked for a few hours on SSB and then QSY'd to CW.  

The most amazing feeling was being able to open up a hole in the middle
of the 20 meter band by CQing.  I almost never can do this - even with a 
KW.  Conditions were just perfect and obviously the station played well.

I looked around for the hidden amplifier - but never did find anything.

73 Tree N6TR

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