[CQ-Contest] Receiving stns on line and contesting

Barry Merrill barry at mxg.com
Sun Nov 13 11:14:16 EST 2005


If I could have had an east coast receiver last night, I could have given out at least another dozen 80 meter, 3-point QSOs to OK/OM
stations in their contest; they can hear my KW and sloper, but they were only detectable with no copy possible with my city-lot RX
location with no beverages here in Dallas.
I most certainly do NOT agree that a remote transmitter is more beneficial in working weak and distant stations.

If I'm not going to submit a score, who cares!

Or, lump remote receivers along with the other form of remote assitance, under Assisted? 

No rules can really prevent cheating.


Barry, W5GN

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