[CQ-Contest] confusing rules m/s CQWW

Marc Wullaert marc.wullaert3 at pandora.be
Mon Nov 14 09:25:14 EST 2005

Could someone off the  m/s stations explain how the understand the rules
about the 10min timer !

Here is what I did last cqww ssb

copied from the n1mm reflector :

I was also confused by the rules before doing M/S here last CQWW SSB.

In n1mm logger  the runstation (RADIO A) when starting to run on a band the
10min timer came on when logged the FIRST qso.Not if you first
did S&P mode and worked a multiplier or made a qso.
Whe used the second RADIO B only for multipliers not to make any qso.We
could switch both radios but did not.
If you make a qso( not a mult) on MULT station and the runnerstation was in
the 10min timer I ghess you are violating the rules !! NOT if you already
have pass the 10min timer.But than you have to switch radios MULT = RUNNING
and vica versa.

What is the best configuration for radio. RADIO A only running and RADIO B
only multipliers ?
if i'm not correct ,pse explain

Marc ON4MA

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