[CQ-Contest] Competitor friendly contesting

DL8MBS prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Tue Nov 15 03:23:04 EST 2005

with the goal to get as many participants and as happy as possible why 
not compare to running events: surely they have the marathon as most 
important category. But nearly all organizers add half-marathon, 10k and 
perhaps a kid´s distance. The most important title will ever be the 
marathon. But you also get more people involved on a more competetive 
level with the other distances. Getting their feet wet and sooner or 
later doing some big effort, too. And besides caring for us ALL getting 
older who speaks about the big ham-population with kids and 
family-obligations on weekends? Why say organizers ">40 hours or no 
competetive all band entry" (forcing them into single band, guest at 
Multi-OP, sprint-only-contests or to their own goals as interesting as 
they may be will reduce the overall numer of QSOs in the contest). If 
it´s all about competition why not add more competition also to those 
squeezing in some hours here and there?
A simple start without categories and plaques etc could be adding the 
hours of operation to the score list as in 3830. I never understood the 
logic of  neglecting the op-time therein. I can´t feel as being better 
than DF1xxx with my 300 small-signal-Qs in 20 hours compared to his 299 
Qs in three hours... The possibiliy to add or negotiate more hours of 
operation has nothing to do with radio-skills.
But all IMHO and the competition between the different contests may show 
preferences over the years.
Best 73, Chris

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