[CQ-Contest] Competitor Friendly Contesting

Gerry Treas, K8GT k8gt at twmi.rr.com
Thu Nov 17 20:39:39 EST 2005

I respect Ed and Kirk's contesting skills and acumen highly.  I also 
think they are really nice guys, too!   But I strongly disagree with 
their analogies and conclusions.  In a marathon, or race of any kind you 
do not need anyone else, except to provide the sponsor with enough 
bodies to provide interest, but in a radio contest you "Top Ten - Top 
Guns" need all of us "also-rans" and casual contesters, and you need to 
generate interest among us so that we participate to help raise your 
score..  That score would be rather measly if all of us weren't in the 
"mix".  I came to contesting rather late (the last 15 years) and I have 
a hard time now staying awake at night, at 60 + years.  I have only had 
modest stations and I like to contest from home, the bathroom breaks are 
all too frequent to do justice at a Multi-Op.  I have done a few stints 
at K8CC, thanks Dave, and 2 CQWW CW's at PJ2T, and had a ball.  But now, 
I really would like to be able to compare my results with others of my 
limited abilities and resources.   You need us "cannon fodder", so how 
about throwing us a bone? A chance for a certificate for our 24 hour or 
whatever limited. It's not like we'd ever try to say that we "won the 
contest" if we received one.  I'm beyond ever being able to go the full 
48, do you want me to just forget about it and go do something else? 

73, Gerry K8GT   Still tryin', but not bloody likely to get anywhere.

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