[CQ-Contest] CQ WW Certificates

Bob Cox bcox at sentientmedical.com
Sat Nov 19 16:48:26 EST 2005

Dear Contesters,
It has been over a month since the CQ WW 2002-2204 certificates were mailed. If you have not received your earned certificate by now something went wrong.  If you have NOT received your certificates for the years mentioned, please contact questions at cqww.com with your winning year/mode and your address.  Please answer only if you have not received your deserved award.
We noticed that ~ 200 certificates were incorrectly printed: wrong continent, wrong op listing etc.. These certificates have been re-printed. They will be mailed shortly. 
We can not locate the addresses of the following calls:
4D70DX               2002SSB
9A1KMT               2002CW
C6ALZ                2003SSB
EZ4XX                2004CW  PIRATE ?  Yes or No ?
JA1EM                2002CW
JA9VOK               2002CW
JA9VOK               2002SSB
JH0GHZ               2002CW
JH1NXU               2003CW
JH7CJM               2004CW
RK6AQV               2002SSB
YT1LD                2002SSB

If you can help with an address, please contact: questions at cqww.com


Bob, K3EST





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