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Wed Nov 23 16:58:41 EST 2005

How about going from the sublime to the ridiculous..??.. I'm suggesting K1EA redo CT so that it sends random numbers instead of sequential. It won't effect the sender because the sender uses the F2 key. It won't effect the score because the software calculates the score. That sure will eliminate anticipating the number.
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  On Wed, 23 Nov 2005, Robert Higgins wrote:

  > VE4XT wrote
  > A serial number is good: the idea that you can't use a serial number because
  > someone could copy it the QSO before and add one for theirs isn't really
  > valid.

  You still have to COPY it, don't you?

  I've done that many times.  In SS, if I come across a new mult and my 
  logger says a mult is worth 10 minutes, if it takes me 8 minutes to get 
  thru the pileup I've done all right. Meanwhile, I've entered all his info 
  and all the serial number except the last digit in anticipation.

  But I copied it myself.  My computer didn't fill it in and I didn't get it 
  from packetcluster. Not only is this legal, I don't even see it as 

  73, Zack W9SZ

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