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Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Wed Nov 23 20:45:32 EST 2005

OK, for a second, I thought Mal's suggestion was a clever tongue-in-cheek
little joke. Then someone started taking it SERIOUSLY.

Why do we care if it takes someone two or three QSOs to copy an exchange?

First: they must still copy it THEMSELVES, even if they copy 1022 and start
typing 1023 or 1024 for their QSO. So it's not like

Second: if they are that new (welcome to contesting! please come back!
please visit the CW subbands again!), it's not like they pose a threat.
Don't we WANT newbies to stick with contesting, particularly given the stats
on the greying of SS CW checks?

Third: how many of us (military radiomen aside) can honestly say we didn't
practice copying CW in just this very fashion?

Contests aren't just for die-hard contesters. If we don't realize this, they
soon will be. And then where will we be? (CQ Contest, CQ Contest, anybody,
anywhere. C'mon folks, it's only Friday, CQ Contest, CQ Contest).

73, kelly
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> N7MAL wrote:
> >How about going from the sublime to the ridiculous..??.. I'm suggesting
> >K1EA redo CT so that it sends random numbers instead of sequential. >It
> >won't effect the sender because the sender uses the F2 key. It won't
> >the score because the software calculates the score. That sure >will
> >eliminate anticipating the number.
> >Happy Thanksgiving to all.......
> I thought about a random number generator and also making it part of the
> popular contest logging programs. But this shuts out the casual guy who
> wants to play for an hour or two and not even use a logging program.
> 73
> Bob K4LW
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