[CQ-Contest] Contests

Robert Higgins rwhiggins at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 25 15:53:36 EST 2005

  VE4XT wrote:

  > Given the recent suggestions about contest length, difficulty of 
exchanges and ability to copy exchanges outside of the single QSO an 
operator is involved in, I have one suggestion that will address all three 
concerns simultaneously:
  > 1. Require contestants to pre-register. They will then get an electronic 
key that they plug in to their logger to generate random alphanumeric 
exchange information. It could be ax12qu for one QSO and 1b2y7e for another. 
Don't pre-register? Can't play. Go away. The log checking program will 
cross-reference each sent exchange with the key to verify, as well as with 
the receiving station's logs.
  > How does this address all three concerns? It will complicate the 
exchange significantly. You will not be able to copy the exchange the QSO 
before and anticipate the exchange you will receive. It will close the 
contest to everybody who hasn't thought to pre-register and drive the less 
serious ops away in droves. Rookies will similarly be discouraged from 
polluting our airspace. The remaining ops should then be able to finish the 
contest in only a few hours.
  > And then all our concerns will eventually be addressed at once when the 
regulating authorities realize that nobody is using the frequencies we've 
been assigned -- even during the once-heavy contest weekends -- and rescind 
our authorizations.
  > Simple, eh?
  > 73, kelly
  > ve4xt
  You forgot something. Make everyone participate in real time scoring. With 
fewer contesters it will be even easier to keep an eye on everyone.

  Bob K4LW


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