[CQ-Contest] The Tenth Running of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge

lew lew at dsl-only.net
Mon Nov 28 02:53:08 EST 2005


    Remember the dates December 17-18 and be sure to attend the tenth 
running of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge
sponsored by The Boring Amateur Radio Club. The nitty-gritty and the 
fine print about this contesting feast is webbed at:
    Just as The Boring Amateur Radio Club is no ordinary club, The Stew 
Perry TopBand Extravaganza is no ordinary radio
contest.  The contest combatants determine what categories are worthy of 
plaques and then donate $50 to The Club to create
these plaque works of art. Tomorrow the plaques for the 9th running of 
The Stew will go out around the world first class to the
First Class Ops who won them. The results of who got these treasured 
plaques are on the web site above and recently written
up in The National Contest Journal, Nov/Dec 2005 page 24.
    Also importantly, the far sighted donors for these plaques are 
listed, as they understand the grass roots ideas that make
radio contesting what it is today. Listed below are this year's heroes 
and the classes that they feel are important enough to sponsor.

Call                    Category
KL7RA              Highest Number of QSO's
N5IA                  Most Grid Squares worked
K1PX                 Top Score, Low Power, Europe
K9DX                 Top Score Europe
N9ADG              Top Score , Multi Op, World
N5ECT                Longest QSO measuring DX
WD5R                 Top Score by contester age < 25 years old
W7TMT               Top Score, Low Power, first time entry
KI7Y                    Sandy Lynch, W7BX/7J1ABV Memorial-Top Score Japan
K8ND                  Top Score, Single Op, Caribbean
N7KQ                  Top Score Central/South America
KB5JND               Top Score, Vertical < 40' tall
VK6VZ                 Top Score, Antenna in space < 20mX10m- prize a 
Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia hat
    So you're sitting there thinking about what category would be 
really cool to get up in action.....so go ahead and let us know.
You have a bit less than 3 weeks before the opening kickoff to develop 
your idea, e-mail us and  revitalize a forgotten or  non-
emphasized area of  160M CW Contesting action. You don't know the Morse 
Code? Hey..You have 3 weeks to pick it up and
then try it out. Generally TopBanders are the most civilized creatures 
populating the bands so give it a try.
    This past weekend the world enjoyed an all-band radio contest and 
this weekend will see more chances to get your 160M
house in order. Get on and participate as it's all good and all good 
fun. There will be more updates as to The Stew Perry TopBand
DX Challenge produced by The Boring Amateur Radio Club and smart plaque 
donors everywhere as we approach Dec. 17.
    73 and I remain,
     Lew  W7EW/W7AT
     Boring Amateur Radio Club Plaquerer

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