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I rephrased this email's subject to new ooops ! - WOW -

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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] new ooops
>Well since we have our own individual phonetics on phone I 
>guess it's just fine for each and everyone to invent their own 
>One nice thing about this new breed of ooops is it is easy, 
>for me, to work the weak stations. The new ooops can't find 
>them unless they get spotted on packet...
>I used to enjoy CW Contests.......


Come on !
We all have been young and so in-perfect.

We have developed a medicine for this.

At OH4A we have developed our skills so much we overcome the
deficiencies of the average joes on the bands.

The secret to this achievement is we have systematically recruited WWYC
spec-fulfilling individuals to both kinds of contests - that is CW and
(in addition to OF personnel that are already permanent staff)

The young and crisp attitude has been shown perfect by evidence.
And we may occasionally have a grin on our faces.
That grin is definitely out of joy for ham radio.

The young and fresh guys show what this all is about !
Enjoy !

My personal absolute high moment in the contest was on 15, working at 10
WPM or so a Columbian ham. He definitely was in one of his first CW

Boy did I like working him !
Although the QSO must have taken like some 87 seconds.
I could have worked 7 or 8 two-by-one east coasters during the same time

The punch line is here:  ** We get new ooops in the game ! **

I am sure we welcome all newcomers and show real hospitality to those
learning this hobby.

New Ops !

Jukka OH6LI 

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