[CQ-Contest] Alumni contesters

ku8e@bellsouth.net ku8e at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 28 13:43:31 EST 2005

    When I was at Ohio State University in the early 1990's we had a bunch of active contesters at our 
  club station W8LT.

  N8VW (ex NZ4K,K8LR), W4EF (ex KD8NS now a W6UE opr) , N8SM ( ex WD8IXE (SK)) , K3JT, 
  KC5R (ex KC3N) ,  W8LX (ex WD8LLX) and myself.

  Lot's of good memories like :

  The 800 foot long wire at Ohio Stadium (our station was just below the bell tower at the end of one 
  of the horseshoes). I remember  getting there just after a game - (when they rang that thing it was 
  loud !!)

  The yearly treks out to the W8JK radio telescope in Delaware, Ohio for the ARRL 160 contest. We 
  used the many acre GP for our 160 antenna groud system.  I think we had about 10 beverage 
  antennas every year too. We came in the top ten muti-op category for almost 10 straight years.

  2nd place in SS CW Multi-op one year.

  Last but not least all the great friends I made. I marvel at how we all turned out when I see everyone 
 at Dayton !!

 K8ND and K1LT were also W8LT alumni before our group came thru. I bet there are more out there
 I don't even know about ???

  Jeff  KU8E


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