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Steve.Root@culligan.com steve.root at culligan4water.com
Tue Nov 29 08:54:10 EST 2005

I had about the same percentage of zero pointers in a part time single op
effort here.  In past years I've gotten QSL requests from some of these guys
and I would expect the same to happen this year.  The way I look at it, this
is as an opportunity to be a good ambassador of contesting.  I work the guy,
I thank the guy, I send him a card if he wants one.  Maybe some of those
zero pointers will be there in the next WPX or SS.

And from beyond the Black Hole it's nice to get answers to CQ's even if it
is a zero pointer :)

73 Steve K0SR

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> Hi all...I have been analyzing my log to see if there are areas that I can
improve my point per qso ratio...its amazing when you sit down after the
contest and do a little analysis...first off...my stations are coded and I
can see if the run or mult station made a qso..we made a gross number of
qso's of 5286 qso's...of that total, 191 were dupes...further analysis shows
that less than 8% were made on the mult station...that means that 92 % of
the dupes called the run station...of our gross qso number we were called by
462 zero pointers...and its kinda amazing that some of these zero pointers
were also dupes!
> Our average run rate for the entire station is 110 qso's per hour for the
total 48 hours...a total of 462 zero pointers and 191 dupes is 653 qso's
that were totally useless information exchanged...or a waste of 5.9 hours
for the entire station....
> I gave a little thought to the process and come up with the following
> 1. Our location has us beaming thru the major East Coast population areas
to get to EU, while our competition has the back of their antennas to these
same areas...
> 2. Most people don't have a logging/duping program....duh!!!!
> 3. The casual day to day operator really does not have any conception of
the rules of the contest and thinks he is truly helping out...that meaning
the stateside callers passing out qso's
> With all this aside, the 8% that were called by my MULT operators, I offer
an apology...we will work on improving our error rate and reducing our
wasted effort...but what can be done to inform the masses?? You want the
casual day to day operator to call you in WPX, but since we don't get any
points for same country in CQWW, it really distorts the playing field....is
it time to step up to the plate and allow 1 point per qso for contacts
within one's country??
> de Rick NQ4I
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