[CQ-Contest] 1 ponters for CQWW

Ted Bryant w4nz at comcast.net
Tue Nov 29 09:53:17 EST 2005

Maybe there is another angle to this...

I agree there are probably some folks who really aren't familiar enough with the rules and think
they are helping the CQing station by giving them a qso.  But, I also think this group is very
small.  What I believe is more likely, is the calling station needs the CQing station for either a
same-country or same-zone multiplier. I believe this is the ROOT CAUSE of most zero point QSO's.

The discussions about 1 point for same country/zone QSO's is an attempt to fix this, but has the
risk of changing the "flavor" of the CQWW.

Is it right for the calling station to get credit for a country/zone mult while the CQing station
"wastes" his time being a good sport and gets nothing?

So, here's a different approach.  Let's reward each station for the QSO.  The calling station get
his credit for the same-country/zone(but zero points) and the CQing station gets 1 point for the
QSO. To let the CQing station know that the caller needs the same-country/zone multiplier, let the
caller send "00" (zero-zero) as the zone in his exchange. So everyone gets 1 point for each "00"
zone they work amd those who work stations in their same-country/zone get the mult but zero points.

I can hear the logging programmers groaning now :((

73, Ted W4NZ

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3. The casual day to day operator really does not have any conception of the
rules of the contest and thinks he is truly helping out...that meaning the
stateside callers passing out qso's.......is it time to step up to the plate and
allow 1 point per qso for contacts within one's country??
Although I'm going to catch crap on this one, I think it is a great idea.
Being at the corner of the US that is forced to beam through the US to work Asia
and Europe, the K1,2,3 guys would be amazed at how many W/K guys call me in
WW just trying to give a point.  The effort is appreciated but of course wasted.

I did 40 HP over the weekend.  The worst part is to have some EU station come
on your clear frequency during a juicy EU run, ask QRL, get an answer from
you and then have him begin to CQ.  He has no problem running since the EU
stations he's running are much stronger than me.  Meanwhile, I have to hit the F!
button endlessly hoping to bludgeon him off my frequency.  If a W6 station
calls during this time,he does nothing for my score even though he is 3000 miles
away.  However, an EA gets points for working CT which could be a couple of
miles away.

Yeah, I know it is cqwwDX contest and US is not DX for me.  However, it sure
is nice to wish for it for Christmas.  Hey, the rules for WPX were changed to
allow points for WPX and that is a great contest.  Why not CQWW?

Bill K4XS

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