[CQ-Contest] zero pointers etc

Sherman Banks w4atl at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 29 17:19:39 EST 2005

lz4uu at mail.bg wrote:
> In my opinion the zero point QSO-s in WW,and each other
> contest should appear for that reason:there are enough
> local contests in about all countries.Why it is named CQ WW
> DX contest?

It is obvious that a lot of people want to keep it a DX contest and not 
allow credit for in country QSOs. Makes sense since it is called a DX 
contest. But we still have the stupid country and zone multiplier which 
requires me to contact an in-country station for the mult on each band! 
  So why not adjust the rules to give a K station mult credit for K at 
the start of the contest so we do not have to contact a K station for 
mult credit?

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