[CQ-Contest] 1 pointers for CQWW

Gary Sutcliffe w9xt at unifiedmicro.com
Tue Nov 29 23:44:09 EST 2005

At 07:43 AM 11/29/2005, Cqtestk4xs at aol.com wrote:
>3. The casual day to day operator really does not have any conception of the
>rules of the contest and thinks he is truly helping out...that meaning the
>stateside callers passing out qso's.......is it time to step up to the 
>plate and
>allow 1 point per qso for contacts within one's country??

I've always felt a bit embarrassed calling a US station to get the W 
multiplier, knowing it is usually a big gun calling CQ (thanks K9NS for the 
double mult on 10!) and this is just a waste of time for them.

That being said, if filling the log with zero point contacts is 
really  that much of a problem it would be better to just not allow you to 
get credit for your own country. It would mean a few less multipliers but 
preserve the flavor of CQWW by leaving it as a DX contest.

CQers would still get a few calls by the casual operator who does not know 
the rules. Just thanking them for the call but briefly explaining you can 
only work DX will keep most of them from tuning up the band and working 
everyone they hear.

Gary Sutcliffe  W9XT
Unified Microsystems
w9xt at unifiedmicro.com

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