[CQ-Contest] K5ZD Audio Archive now available

Randy Thompson k5zd at charter.net
Wed Nov 30 07:18:47 EST 2005

The recordings of the K5ZD station efforts in both CQ WW Phone (KM3T op) and
CW 2005 (K5ZD op) are now available at http://www.k5zd.com/live.

For the CW contest, I still need to finish putting more of the comments in
to help point out some of the more interesting operating periods, but the
full 48 hours of audio is there for you to listen through.

One thing you notice when listening, even a 150 hour on CW has a lot of
"dead time."  :) 

There was a lot of S&P at the start, so within the first few hours you can
find complete sweeps of all of the open bands 160-20.  They give a good feel
for how various stations sounded.

Some excellent high rate hours both mornings to Europe.  Also some very
amazing rate hours on 40 Saturday afternoon and 80 during the early hours of

The last half hour has some pretty interesting multiplier chasing across 20,
80, and 160.

There is a lot of SO2R activity, so you can see examples of how bolloxed up
things can get when you call someone at the same time you get called!

You can also note how the operator loses proficiency on Sunday as fatigue
begins to set in!

As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback.  You are even welcome to
point out my lidness (the log is already submitted, so have at it).  Enjoy!

Randy Thompson, K5ZD
k5zd at contesting.com

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