[CQ-Contest] Zero point Qs

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Not in my book.

Leave it the way it is.  Just eliminate the absurdity of needing to work your own country for a zero point mult.

Stew Perry is a fun contest.  Should we change its rules to look like CQ WW?

Ed  N1UR

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Then make DX contacts worth more.  The Stew Perry concept is looking better
and better.

And while we are at it more points for working QRP too. 

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I am also not in favor of changing the rules to make CQ WW a hybrid of WPX
and CQ WW.  CQ WW is the Best contest because it is what it is.  However, I
do understand the zero point Q issue of the big multis.  To me, the best
answer is to change the rules to:

No Country Credit for your own country (this affects everyone in the world
the same...decrease one country mult on each band)

You can't get credit of any kind for a zone by working your own country.  US
will have to work VEs for 3/4/5 and vice versa for VEs.  In the case (ie XE)
where it might be impossible to work your zone if you are the only active
country in the zone, you won't be in any worse shape than any other
contester in your country.

In this way, a station like NQ4I should get no more "non counting" calls
than he would get in ARRL DX.  I am assuming that Rick won't be advocating
having W/VE Qs count for a point in that too......

If you want to solve the problem but not change the flavor of the contest,
this is the way IMHO.

Ed  N1UR

Thanks for the Qs in CQ WW SSB and CW (DX or Domestic).
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