[CQ-Contest] 1 pointers for CQWW - More data (was: A PROPOSED SOLUTION)

Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Wed Nov 30 17:34:03 EST 2005

This would work for me since most of our 613 USA QSOs were in the 
one-hop skip zone of zone 5 or zone 3.

73, Richard

At 17:47 11/30/2005, Richard DiDonna NN3W wrote:
>Interesting data Richard.  As a compromise, how about
>the following.  This would really affect folks in the
>USA, Canada, European Russia, Australian Russia,
>Australia and whatever country is divided up into more
>than one zone.
>Multiplier for the country still applies.
>Multipliers for zones still apply.
>Now, apply the IARU rules to scoring.
>Zero points for QSOs to the same country within the
>same CQ zone.
>One point for QSOs to the same country within a
>different CQ zone.
>Thus, VK3XD works VK4AN on 40 meters.  VK3XD gets the
>VK multiplier and the Zone 30 mult.  However, VK3XD
>gets zero point credit since both stations are in Zone
>Now, VK3XD works VK6HD on 80 meters.  VK3XD gets the
>VK multiplier and the Zone 29 mult.  But, VK3XD gets
>one point for working VK6HD since the two stations are
>in different zone.
>73 Rich NN3W
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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] 1 pointers for CQWW - More data
> >Interesting "fix" for the problem.
> >
> >But instead of sending "00", just send your regular
>zone (it might be
> >a mult for the CQing station) and let the award
>points be added
> >during log checking by the CQWW team. I had at least
>one new USA zone
> >answer my CQ (zone 3 on 10M).
> >
> >The scoring could be added the same as the QRP award
>points are added
> >for the Stew Perry Contest.
> >
> >But this does not really fix the real problem of what
>to because of
> >the high number of stateside QSOs being forced on
>contest stations in
> >the midwest.
> >
> >I decided to look at our multi-multi logs from the
>2005 CQWW Phone
> >Contest for some real data.
> >
> > From the Austin area we made 3248 QSOs in the M/M
>category. We had a
> >good group of experienced contesters to do the
>operating. We made
> >4,862,220 score and finished 10th per the 3830
>reporting behind
> >W4MYA, who had 5.3M points. We tried hard to make the
>best score we could.
> >
> >I checked our logs and found that we had 613 USA QSOs
>for an
> >astonishing 19% of our overall QSO total. That is
>outrageously high
> >and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.
>Just another
> >penalty for not living on the East Coast.
> >
> >I took this one step further and gave each of the USA
>QSOs one QSO
> >point and recalculated our score. This brought our
>score to the 5.2M
> >point range. This was not enough for us to catch
>W4MYA and move up a
> >notch in the M/M scoring. Our place in the 3830
>standings stayed
> >exactly the same, at 10th place.
> >
> >So tell me again how getting 1 QSO point for every
>same country QSO
> >is going to dramatically alter the flavor of the CQWW
>Contest. But
> >this time try to convince me with some real data.
> >
> >73, Richard - K5NA
> >

k5na at texas.net 

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