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Ok I will bite! 

I would love to see a 24/30 hour category.  Talk about strategy!  

It won't be long before there is an AARP class.

Mike W0MU

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I think I enjoyed this reflector better when everyone was bitching about
operating time instead of bitching about zero-point QSO's, so I'm going to
make an attempt to revive that almost busted thread.

BTW, I'm drawing Social Security and simply cannot do without sleep at night
so the rules make no difference to me.  I do what I can, and go to sleep
when the time comes.  But it would be nice to be competing in a class with
others similarly "handicapped."  There are a few contests which effectively
mandate an "off period" and those sure makes sense to me.  If SO were
limited to operating 36 out of 48 hours, who is hurt by that?  Is it
possible that some people would simply not enjoy operating 36 hours, that
they would NEED to operate all 48 to get their fix? Hard to believe. Let
those people find a M/M station and operate one of the stations for all 48
My recent solution in CQ WW was to operate 20 meters only, a choice dictated
partly by health and partly by having no desire to transport, string up, and
take down a bunch of other antennas in a Field Day type environment.  Under
current propagation conditions, the band isn't open half the time, at least
where I was, in C6. That gives ample time for normal human activities. Sure
I only operated 22 hours or so, but I sure had fun in doing so and didn't
miss the other 26 hours. 

Randy W6SJ/C6AWS

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