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Martin Luther vk7gn at bigpond.com
Wed Nov 30 19:14:19 EST 2005

There seems to be a basic problem with most of the analysis pro and con
1 pt for USA internal QSO's. It assumes that it doesn't change the
operating strategies and practices within the contest. Just alters the


>From my experience with WPX this is simply wrong. When the points were
changed for US stations my QSO rates into USA dropped dramatically. Why?
Try East coast short path to VK and look at how much that covers US. The
rates for US stations are so much higher than for south pacific that it
makes real sense for a W1 to run W's especially true in WPX where they
get better mults too but also true for CQWW as long as they pick up the
mults on the second radio or the multiplier station. Thus everyone works
the loudest VK or ZL and the rest are irrelevant. The new contesters
just learning to S&P from VK are frustrated by being unable to break
through a wall of W's working W's. You simply don't get 200 per hour
rates out of beaming VK/ZL!


There are those on this reflector who wish to make all rules the same as
if there were one set of PERFECT rules - my view is the opposite. There
is not one perfect rule and the variety between contests allows the
individual to choose what they like or what suits them best. Vive la


All the changes in rules that have occurred in my contesting years have
favoured the northern hemisphere to the extent that a basic design
definition for any station in a place like VK is to be able to break
into the side of the northern hemisphere beams! Or be in a rare enough
place to get a lot of packet attention! This is inevitable in a world
where I guess over 95percent of contesters live in the northern


WPX used to be a contest that almost gave a level playing field for the
distant far ends of the earth. They then went from 30 to 36 hours single
op and instituted points for internal W QSO's and WPX, while still fun,
it is now back in the pack where we VK7's pay a penalty for living in
the cleanest air on the planet! 


Be sure you know what you are wishing for because you might just get it


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