[CQ-Contest] Pet Peeve

Brian Moran brianmo at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 2 14:26:30 EDT 2005

Hi Mal;

I have to admin, I'm GUILTY of doing exactly what you
point out in your email regarding "proper CQ" for
non-CA stations participating in the CQP (great fun,
btw).  And what you say certainly makes sense; I
reviewed the CAQP web pages again after your email,
and found that it wasn't mentioned in the CAQP rules
pages or other pages (although suggested frequencies,
times to work 160m, etc. are mentioned).

I'm glad you're doing something about this thing that
would make the contest less ambiguous for everyone --
perhaps you can also work to get a mention of this
protocol in the official QSO Party info pages? I've
looked at a few QSO Party sponsor pages, and
unfortunately your email is the first mention of this
"rule" I've seen. Is this published somewhere? Sounds
like the great beginnings of a "State QSO Parties the
Numbers" posting.

-Brian N9ADG

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