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Patrick Hoppe phoppe at wi.rr.com
Mon Oct 3 00:08:32 EDT 2005

I learned something today.  I always wondered how to tell if someone was in
the QP state or out side or it without hearing their exchange.  Thanks to
Mal, I now know.  Never too old to learn something new.


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Your rite of course Mal  ,  however only 1/2 or 1 % of the callers outside
of CA who call CQP read  CQ-CONTEST,  some do call CQP         NX2XYZ / NJ
which is better than not  /NJ,


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> Contest season is starting off again and as usual at least 50% of those
participating have no idea how call CQ. I'm tuning across 20m CW and there
are at least 20 stations outside CA calling CQP. Here is a very simple rule,
very simple.
> RULE: If your outside CA you call CQCA. If your inside CA call CQP. The
same principle applies to PAQP. If your outside PA call CQPA, if your inside
PA call PAQP. Another example if your outside FL call CQFL , if your inside
FL call FQP, etc etc etc.
> This is not a hard concept to understand yet year after year only 50% get
it right.
> Thank you :-)
> MAL         N7MAL
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> Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
> It's already tomorrow in Australia
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