[CQ-Contest] KLM 20M5

jukka.klemola@nokia.com jukka.klemola at nokia.com
Mon Oct 3 02:44:20 EDT 2005

I suggest buying the latest yagi optimizer, that gives best results even
with KLM type feed.
..if only one could tell where one can get the latest YO..
STI has been very silent for quite a long time.

Personally I would start editing the basic design so I would remove the
dual element feed.

Jukka OH6LI / OH4A
www.qsl.net/oh4a shows some of my antennas - there is now more, web page
to be updated

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>I have acquired a pair of old KLM 5 el 20's (~43' boom) and 
>wonder if anyone has optimized these and would share the 
>results -- either for single operation, or in a stack.  I 
>don't want to re-invent the wheel . . . please reply direct to 
>k3zj at arrl.net, thanks.
>Dave K3ZJ
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