[CQ-Contest] DX Engineering 4 square active antenna receive system

Rick Dougherty nq4i at contesting.com
Mon Oct 3 05:25:37 EDT 2005

Hi All...I am currently involved in a Test and Evaluation program for DX
Engineering for this very antenna system....I have had them up at my qth for
about 5 weeks...there has not been enough activity to objectively compare
the rcving 4 sq and my 800 ft beverages...but I will be releasing a full
report in the next few weeks...if you don't have the property for
beverages...this is definitely the ticket...I have them installed 1300 ft
from my shack...they are very quiet and they have tremendous f/b from the
broadcast band up to 40m...I use the rcving 4 sq system on my 160m station,
my 80m mult station, and my 80m run station...initial results are tremendous
f/b, very directive, and very sensitive...they do require a pre-amp in the
station...more info to follow...and I will be happy to answer questions
directly to my e-mail..de Rick nq4i
Subject: [CQ-Contest] DX Engineering 4 square active antenna receive system

> Has anyone had any experience with this system?  Other than being able to
> select more directions, would this array out perform a 560 ft beverage on
> 160 and 80 in the desired direction?
> I have not read much on active antennas and 102 inch whips and their
> effectiveness on 160 and 80 meters.
> Mike W0MU
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