[CQ-Contest] A portable rig for contesting?

Mike McCarthy, W1NR lists at w1nr.net
Mon Oct 3 18:27:53 EDT 2005

I know a couple of avid DXPeditioners that have traded their 706's for
Kenwood 480's and are very glad they did.

Mike, W1NR 

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I have both the IC706IIG and the FT897. The 706 has the narrow SSB filter,
the 897 is stock. I have used the 706 for a number of contests now, from the
mobile. It works OK but really is not a patch on the 765 I use at the home
station. My main gripe with the 706 is it's poor IMD performance. The
897 however is worse, but I didn't buy it for contesting so I shouldn't

Have no experience with the other rigs you mention but I think if I had the
money and based on what I've read, I'd get the Elecraft K2/100. Some people
say it's a bit sparse on SSB, but if you're planning on using it for CW, you
should be fine.

73 de Duncan EA5ON

Hi: As an alternative to my relatively large IC746 base station rig, I am
considering buying a more portable rig that would also work well as a backup
for contesting - primarily RTTY and CW. Some candidates of the current crop
include: Icom IC-706MKIIG (been around for a while) Icom IC-7000 (not
available yet?) Icom IC-718 (the "beginner's" rig) Yaesu FT-897D (rugged
looks, internal battery option) Elecraft K2 (kit, good RX
performance) ... and others. Do you have any comments on these or others as
contesting rigs? Performance under strenuous operation, ease of use (not
requiring too much menu browsing for common functions), contest
functionality (such as a button for listening on the TX freq). 73 - Kris,
TF3KX http://www.simnet.is/net/tf3kx

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