[CQ-Contest] A portable rig for contesting?

Jack Brindle jackbrindle at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 4 14:37:12 EDT 2005

On Oct 3, 2005, at 7:17 PM, Blake M. wrote:
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> From: "Eric Hilding" <dx35 at hilding.com>
>> I also have a K2 which is a great little rig (RX is hot), and had  
>> planned
>> to take it along with a bandpass filter to "monitor" as quasi-SO2R  
>> but
>> decided not worth the effort with all the other tasks at hand.  My  
>> K2 (low
>> power basic version) would not have driven my AL-80B :-)
> Also remember that this little jem has the unique "feature" (?) of  
> sharing
> the PTT-in with the "dot" key line....  Incorporating this rig into  
> the
> standard SO2R setup is quite a challenge.
> 73,
> Blake N4GI

I have heard this from others also, and wonder if this really isn't a  
deficiency in the SO2R controllers instead. Some rigs appear to use  
PTT as a "pre-key" that enables CW/paddle operation. This, of course  
is a recent innovation that didn't exist on older rigs (I doubt that  
many contesters are using KWM2s and SB102s these days). At the same  
time, it also doesn't exist in phone mode, where PTT is used to  
actually key the rig. My own SO2R design simply switches the paddle/ 
key and PTT lines between the two radios and appropriately switches  
antenna control at the same time, allowing the controller to work on  
phone as well as CW.

With a fairly large probability that I have missed something that the  
feature gives you, what is it that I am missing that is so important  
with the the CW use of PTT?

-Jack Brindle, W6FB

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