[CQ-Contest] CQP - my mistake!

Dennis Younker SunGodX at cox.net
Tue Oct 4 21:09:32 EDT 2005


We certainly hope that you did get on and participate in CQP.  We do enjoy 
working all DX in the contest every bit as much as we enjoy working the 
state next door.

As a California ham, I am sorry that you are only motivated to participate 
in a QSO Party if you are a multiplier.  I personally feel that you are 
missing out on some of the enjoyment of contesting by meeting the challenge 
of working as many as possible without being the most highly sought after 
fish in the pond.  As DX, you may be more accustomed to being chased than 
doing the chasing.  There is fun and great challenge in either, and you seem 
like you are missing out on half of it.  Having done both myself, I can say 
that the challenge is different between the two but both are a lot of fun to 

73, Dennis NE6I

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>I now realize CQP is more of a domestic rate-fest for W6s.  Silly me!
> Good to hear from all directly & all calls noted.
> If CQP not interesting to NP4Z, then not much point for _any_ DX.
> This explains why even a half-arsed effort in Wa QSO Party from
> here or 9M6 can bag the salmon... but will never be washed down
> with CQP vino.
> Maybe I'm loosing it, but there has to be a reason to get on - if
> only working people who seem keen to work you.
> As I have been reminded, no problem with that in FQP!
> 73, VR2BrettGraham
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